GINO v8.5 Release Notes - November 1st 2016

Version 8.5 represents an update release encompassing the following products:

GINO v8.5
GINOMENU Studio v8.5

Product Enhancements Database
Bug-Fix Database

Product Enhancements

PER Product Name Summary Version
1313 GINOMENU for Windows Additional information is now returned in the iargs array by EnqActionState indicating whether a copy, cut or paste action has been carried out on an array grid. 8.5
1342 Array grid tabbing now skips over cells which have been hidden (by setting their width or height to zero). 8.5
1343 GINOMENU array grid copying has been improved to allow the copying of one or more empty/blank cells within the grid by matching clipboard buffer contents with those of Excel. 8.5
1347 Text and background colour control has been added to List Boxes through the widget properties gTextCol and gOffCol respectively. 8.0c
1348 A request to change the background colour of toggle buttons was NOT implemented as all toggle buttons are always drawn using system defined foreground and background colours. 8.0
1350 The performance of the setting of array grid cell attributes (gmSetCellAttribs) has been improved by various internal changes. 8.0f
1352 The limit of 1024 characters in the 'file' argument to the routine gmFileBrowser has been removed such that any length string may be passed and returned with unlimited number of selected files. If the buffer is too small an error is reported. 8.5
1357 The array grid general callback now returns an additional value in actlist%iarg(5) pertaining to the cut/copy/paste/delete action on the grid. 8.5
1358 The paste operation on text and value arrays has been extended to duplicate complete copies of the paste buffer in both horizontal and vertical directions to fill up to the selected area. 8.5
1359 Where hot key callbacks for HOME and END keys have been assigned, these are suspended during the editing of text and value entries and array grid cells. 8.5
1360 Mouse move callback have been added to text and value entry edit boxes. 8.5
1361 The scrolling performance of large array grids have been improved by operating only on visible cells where updates are requried. 8.5
1362 A feature of automated scrolling selection of array grids has been added when mouse pointer leaves the limits of the grid. 8.5
1363 The routines gmEnqScrollBarPos() and gmSetScrollBarPos() now operate on panels with the units being pixels or grid units from the top and left. 8.5
1368 GINOMENU Studio Compiler integration has been improved by utlizing the appropriate compiler vars batch file to set the correct environment at the start of the run. This has resulted in greater reliability in all cases as well as an early indication of now rare failures. 8.5

Bug fixes

PUR Product Name Summary Version
1824 Intel Visual Fortran (Win64) An internal error associated with Windows Callback procedure arguments caused all 64bit GINO applications to fail silently when using the Intel compiler and Visual Studio 2013 linker. This has been fixed. 8.0a
1832 GINO Library A problem using gEnqSegHit (PICHIT) with non-concave poygons, produced by ggFillBetweenDataSets() has been fixed. The test for duplicate intersection at polygon closure vertex has been tightened. 8.0b
1839 The segment boundary is now correctly updated when using software generated thick lines enabling the routine gEnqSegHit() to work correctly. 8.5
1840 A reported problem using the shear transformation was found to be due to a missunderstanding of the effects of the change and the necessisity to shift the origin to where the shear was required to be applied. 8.0
1841 A corruption of the software display file occurred when copying a segment containing a segment tag. This has been fixed. 8.5
1822 GINOGRAF A issue using gSegHit within a GINOMENU graphics frame was found to be due to a problem with the closing of GINOGRAF dataset filling. The missing point to close the polygon has been inserted and the problem fixed. 8.0a
1794 GINOMENU for Windows The assignement of window icons for 64bit applications has been fixed. 8.0g
1817 Reverting an array grid cell from contatining an attached widget to simple text or value type did not remove the attached widget. This has been fixed. 8.0a
1818 Array grids containing attached widgets now scroll correctly. 8.0a
1820 All key actions (tab, arrow and return) now skip over GLABEL cells in an array grid and the skipping in vertical direction has been improved. 8.0e
1821 The operation to copy cells (using Ctrl-C) from an array grid has been improved to include non-editable cells correctly. 8.0b
1823 When using GINOMENU 64bit libraries, value entries did not operate correctly of return the correct value. This has been fixed. 8.0a
1827 Problems with detecting double-click callbacks on array grid borders have been fixed. Only affected grids with combo box attachements in column 1. 8.0g
1828 A problem with refreshing non-editable cells in an array grid widget when tabbing has been solved. 8.0g
1829 A problem when changing array grid cell dimensions when also switching between grid and pixel mode has been fixed. Array grid cell dimensions are now always actioned unlike other attributes which are only updated if changed. 8.5
1830 Status value and values returned in actlist%iargs have been correct after copy and paste operations on array grids. 8.0g
1831 Delete key usage in array grids has been corrected so as not to delete whole cell contents. General callback still generated when focus moved to another cell. 8.0g
1833 The values returned in the actlist array from an array grid paste operation actioned from the right click pop-up menu have been corrected. 8.0h
1834 A problem with array grid navigation after setting the active cell using gmSetActiveCell where the cell was non-editable has been fixed. 8.0h
1837 A problem reported about widget identifiers being locked during mouse movements outside the limits of the widget originally selected has not been fixed as this is the correct behaviour of the Windows API. 8.0
1838 The Right mouse copy/cut/paste pop-up menu for the TTY text widget has been corrected to match the editable status of the widget. 8.0i
1842 Value error callbacks were not triggered when focus was moved from value entry - only when RETURN pressed. This has been fixed. 8.5
1815 GINOMENU Studio An additional check has been added in the GINOMENU cut and paste function to prevent the pasting of a empty paste buffer, which sometimes caused a crash when using Ctrl-V. 8.0a
1819 The code generated when a project contained dynamic forms was incorrect, giving a compiler error related to the use of Form1. This has been corrected. 8.0a

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