GINO v8.0 Release Notes - November 1st 2014

Version 8.0 represents an enhancement and bug-fix release encompassing the following products:

GINO v8.0
GINOMENU Studio v8.0

Product Enhancements Database
Bug-Fix Database

Product Enhancements

PER Product Name Summary Version
1300 Visual C/C++ (Win32) A new double precision version of the GINO-C implementation (Visual C) has been created for linking with .NET projects. 7.5
1325 Intel Visual Fortran (Linux64) A version of the Linux Intel 64bit implemantation has been build catering for the large memory model (-mcmodel=large. Contact Bradly Associates for more details. 7.5
1255 GINO Library A new routine gSetXORColour() has been added to allow the setting of a specific RGB colour on the device when operating in XOR mode. 8.0
1286 The 10 default colours in GINO has been augmented by 126 new colours (20-145) with predefined names such as 'GChocolate', 'GDeepSkyBlue', 'GLimeGreen' etc. These remain available until redefined by the application using gDefineRGB() etc. 8.0
1288 A new pre-device nomination routine gSetImageClipMode() has been added to enable metafiles to be clipped to either drawing limits (including all boundaries - NXPIX+1 by NYPIX+1) or strict raster limits (removing top and right boundaries - NXPIX by NYPIX) 8.0
1295 The routine gEnqRGB now caters with 24bit packed RGB colour values returning their red, green and blue components. 8.0
1302 A new Intel static build version of GINO is now available - I.e. no dll's 8.0
1336 The limits for polygon storage has been increased from 2048 points to 10,000. 8.0
1022 GINOMENU for Windows Push Buttons, Toggles and List Boxes can now be generated as children of array grids and attached to a specific cell using gmSetCellAttribs(). 8.0
1287 A new optional argument gmFilename has been added to the routine gmSetPrinterProps() allowing printer output to be sent to a file (setting Print-to-File option). This is particularly useful when using the Adobe Acrobat printer driver. 8.0
1292 A new option (GPRINTERS) has been added to the List Box and Combo Box creation routines to populate the widget with the list of available printers on the operating computer. 8.0
1306 Array grid widgets now respond to mouse wheel movement in the vertical direction. 7.5d
1308 Array grid widgets now respond to mouse wheel movement in the vertical direction. 7.5d
1312 A new lite version of the GINOMENU library is now available with a limit of 200 widgets. 8.0
1316 A new GCLOSEALL option has been added to gmiMDIAction() routine to close all active child MDI windows. 8.0
1328 Array grids have been improved to show blank selected cells in the same manner as filled cells. 7.5l
1038 GINOMENU Studio New multi-library GINO help documentation is available in this release with cross library links 8.0
1278 The Code Editor now maintains the maximum column position when moving up/down the text. 7.5c
1298 A new check has been added when pasting one or more widgets into a parent that is smaller than the widgets base position. The user is given the option to abandon the paste, continue or adjust the position of the pasted widget(s) to make it/them visible. 7.5d
1303 GINOMENU Studio is now compatible with the Intel 11.1 compiler. This involved a change in the search in the system registry for compiler location and paths. 7.5e
1315 A new "Tab Icon" property has been added to panels who are children of tabbed dialogue boxes. 8.0

Bug fixes

PUR Product Name Summary Version
1795 Salford FTN95 (Win32) The Salford implementation of GINO version 7.5 (and earlier) is not compatible with Windows 7. A compatible version will be relased with GINO version 8.0. 8.0
1801 POSTSCRIPT Driver A problem with resetting the Postscript driver back to its default font (0 or 100) has been fixed. Previously this request was ignored. 7.5e
1729 XWIN - X Windows Hardware clipping has been switched off in the X-Windows driver as X11R6 can only handle 8bit integer coordinates, whereas GINO could generate full 32bit integer values unless clipped! Hardware masking is still used where requested. 7.5b
1735 Internal attempts to update the window dimensions at gmClearScreen(PICCLE) caused a crash when using invisible auxiliary windows. This has been fixed. 7.5a
1733 DXF - Autocad DXF Metafile It transpires that the new LAYER name syntax('LAYER N') added to the GINO DXF files causes AutoDesk's own DXF viewer - True View to hang. The format of layer names has therefore be changed to 'LAYER-N', replacing the space by a '-'. 7.5a
1723 WOGL - Windows OpenGL Driver The routine gDrawSeg now correctly handles negative (all bit) segment numbers. 7.5a
1724 A problem with segments and 3D transformations has been fixed by forcing outstanding changes to the segment store before the segment is closed. 7.5a
1779 Using the WOGL driver there was a problem setting the line colour immediately after drawing a coloured facet. This has been fixed. 7.5d
1812 Drawing circles with thick lines showed notches at 45 degree angle positions. This is caused by the hardware thick line mechanism used in the OpenGL library, but can be resolved by using the alternative software mode and round line ends. 7.5
1747 MWIN - Microsoft Windows Driver Multiple usage of gMwinpp from a VB application could result in a crash. This was found to be due to the allocation of global printer structures not being re-initialised correcty. This has been fixed. 7.5c
1712 GUIWIN - GINOMENU Windows GUI Driver When using the GINO routine gSetCharSizePoint and the GINOMENU routine gmPrinterControl to direct output to a Windows printer, the font size used was incorrect. This has been fixed to use the correct size. 7.5b
1725 GINO Library A problem with an apparent double rotation of segments using the OpenGL(WOGL) driver was found to be due to the current rotation being stored in segment header. The program had failed to appreciate this. 7.5
1760 The 2 default lights specified in the User Guide werer found not to have been set up as described. This has now been fixed and lights 1 and 2 can simply be switched on/off without defining their attributes. Different attributes can of course be assigned. 7.5c
1761 The Y & Z coordinates of the second alignment point of a text entity returned unassigned values. This has been corrected. 7.5c
1805 A problem with loosing line thickness when redrawing segments with round ended lines has been fixed. This only affected the gGuiwin driver. 7.5f
1806 The use of gFilleSelectedPolygons (GFILL) could cause a corrupted Software Display File (SDF). This has been fixed. 7.5f
1807 Problems associated with font attributes within segments caused a crash when copying or hitting. These have been fixed. 7.5f
1808 An attempt to manipulate selected polygon shading (GFILL) drawn within a segment fails. It should be noted that polygon shading IS NOT a drawing primitive and therefore not part of any segment body. Users should use filled polygons for this purpose. 7.5
1809 Attempting to use gEnqSegHit(PICHIT) on clockwise arcs failed to work due to calculation error. This has been fixed. 7.5f
1810 Using gFillSelectedPolygons(GFILL) after a 3D primative failed to work due to internal polygon flag error. This has been fixed. 7.5f
1764 GINOGRAF Data values displayed using ggAddGraphValues() were not being displayed using the corresponding graph axis format. This has been corrected. 7.5a
1772 The use of an undefined variable from GRASPL caused an Invalid Floating Point crash when using the Salford FTN95 compiler on a 64bit platform. This has been fixed 7.5b
1738 GINOSURF The routine gsSetContourLevels in GINO-C did not pass the fill styles, pre- and post- format string correctly to the underlying code. This has been fixed. 7.5a
1744 A request to triangulate data with sparse and duplicate data could resulted in GINOSURF going into an infinite loop as a result of not leaving enough points to triangulate. GINOSURF now checks the number of points remaining after checking for duplication. 7.5a
1753 The use of contour level fill styles (as set in the array index) has been made consistent for contour maps and contour filled surfaces. The first entry is now always used for data below the first contour level (if present) etc. 7.5b
1754 Where a specific set of contour levels is specified using gsSetContourLevels, these are now displayed in the contour key box even if they don't match the data range. 7.5b
1780 Drawing contours representing large data ranges could result in inaccurate results. Changes in the algorithm have now resulted in much improved results. 7.5c
1783 In some instances the data returned by the routine gsReturnContourDataset() contained inconsistent data omitting some segment information in the argument LENSEG. This has been corrected. 7.5c
1731 GINOMENU for Windows Strings returned from the gmPropertyValue setting of gmEnqPropertySetting were not correct due to incorrect termination. This has been fixed. 7.5a
1732 When the routine gmCopyGraphicsToClipboard is used on an OpenGL graphics frame, it reports an error saying that it is not graphics frame. The message should say that it is not a GDI graphics frame as this routine only works on this type of graphics frame. 7.5a
1736 The resizing of floating panes and toolbars has been amended to cater for the different border sizes under the different Windows environments. 7.5b
1737 Using GINOMENU Studio under Windows 7, editable text and value entries jumped to the top left of the operating form when selected (I.e. adopted). This has been fixed to ensure adopted widgets are correctly positioned. 7.5b
1739 When using the gmCursor optional argument to the routine gmCreatePanel(), an invalid floating point crash could occur when using the Silverfrost Debugger. This was due to the unintentional use of an unitialised real variable and has been fixed. 7.5b
1741 Problem with setting line width in a GDI or OpenGL graphics frame have been fixed. Previously redrawing a picture with the same line thickness setting could result in different results. 7.5c
1742 A strip of graphics was missing off the edge of an application with two graphics frames in one window. This was cased by a missing call to gmActivateGraphicsFrame() setting up the correct viewport of one of the frames. 7.5
1743 Problems with polygonal clipping and/or masking with facets and some line drawing have been fixed. 7.5b
1746 When adopting a widget for resize/movement (as in GINOMENU Studio), the widget get initially drawn at the bottom of the stack of overlapping widgets. This has been changed to ensure the widget is now at the top, ready for modification. 7.5c
1748 The current state of a toggle or push button is now restored after making such a widget unselectable and selectable again. 7.5c
1749 A problem with an array grid widget not expanding to its parents limits was found to be due to an incorrect setting of the 'expand' property. 7.5
1755 A problem with missing accelerator key underlining when using a manifest file under Windows Vista has been fixed. A global change of UI state has been enacted for GINOMENU forms to correct the problem. 7.5d
1757 The routine gmEnqTrackingPos() failed to update its position, when the mouse was clicked over a menu bar. This has been fixed. 7.5d
1758 A limitation on the extent of the search used by gmExtractWord() has been corrected. Previously the search within the text entry was limited to within the defined length of the return argument! 7.5d
1762 A problem with the visibility of rubber band and special cursors when drawing in response to mouse movements on graphics frames has been fixed. 7.5f
1765 Where the text buffer in the clipboard existed without a terminating end-of-line (/n) character, a GINOMENU application would hand when pre-processing this buffer prior to a copy, cut or paste operation. This has been fixed. 7.5g
1766 The routine gmImportWMFFile() incorrectly displayed the supplied WMF file on the last/current graphics frame rather than the one specified in the widget identifier argument. This has been fixed. 7.5g
1767 A report that the colour of tree view entries could not be set using gmSetFontAttribs() was received. The user was informed that the colour attribute could only be set for the selected text of an RTF Text Editor widget. 7.5
1769 The missing gmDoubleClick optional argument has been added to the gmCreateGraphicsFrame() routine and its operation added to OpenGL graphics frames. 7.5g
1770 The edit status of a text entry widget is now correctly set when it loses focus (as well as when is pressed. 7.5g
1771 Using the routine gmSetListEntry() to seelct a row in a table box failed to have a visual effect unless the table box obtained the focus. The style of table box widgets has been changed to ensure row seelction is always visible. 7.5h
1773 It has been noted that the optional argument gmTranslateSpecialChars only operates when the routine gmSetTextSetting() is used and not on the original string passed to the widget creation routine. It has been decided that this functionality should remian. 7.5
1777 The rubber cursors were affected by the current hardware clipping region. This has now been switched off during the drawing of rubber cursors. 7.5i
1781 Problems using gmSet/EnqWidgetStatus() and gmEnqListEntry() (with entry set to -1), in association with Table Boxes have been fixed. 7.5i
1782 Deleting the contents of an array grid cell did not generate a callback to indicate that a change had been made. A general callback is now generated by this action. 7.5i
1784 The gmSetListBoxEntry() options GSELECTALL & GDESELECTALL have been corrected 7.5j
1785 The lost focus event was incorrectly being reported for the form where the focus was being gained rather then lost. This has been corrected 7.5j
1787 When copying/cutting array grid cells, remove last row terminator as this caused extra row to included in paste buffer. 7.5k
1791 The problem with copying or cutting the first cell of an array grid has been fixed. 7.5l
1793 A crash using TEXARR under Windows 7-64 bit was solved after a system reboot. 7.5f
1797 The trailing NULL has been removed from exported widgets using gmSaveTextToFile() 7.5l
1798 Problems with cutting and copying groups of cells with rows starting with a blank cell have been fixed. 7.5l
1799 The copy/cut/delete edit options are now available under all circumstances for array grid operations, irrespective of area starting with empty cells. 7.5l
1802 A problem setting the Push or Toggle Button status from 'selected' to 'on' was introduced at version 7.5c. The original problem has now been fixed properly. 7.5m
1803 A problem was introduced with an earleir patch resulting in graphics frames not expanding to fit their parent window. This has been fixed. 7.5n
1705 GINOMENU Studio The missing Move/Resize/Quit window callback code blocks have been added for the Toolbar and Docking Pane widgets. 7.5b
1728 A problem existed in the compiler integration for 64bit architectures, in that the incorrect search path for the SDK was used. This has been corrected by NOT using the WOW6432NODE registry key. 7.5a
1734 The GINOMENU Studio Surfview example application does not export metafiles of the current view if there is no default printer attached to the computer. The example has been modified to display an error box under these circumstances. 7.5a
1740 There was a problem using the undent code option in the Code Editor with lines just containing the Fortran comment character (I.e. 1-3 characters only). This has been fixed. 7.5c
1745 A problem with the F90 code generation for text entries and their quoted strings containing brackets '()' has been fixed. 7.5c
1750 Problems executing a project with spaces in the project name have been resolved. 7.5d
1751 A problem with menu callback code blocks being copied to their parent form general callback code block after detecting a compiler error in the former has been fixed. 7.5f
1756 GINOMENU Studio now handles external project source files with the .FI extension. 7.5e
1763 A crash occurred when trying to change the properties of a toolbar when the only other child was an expanded graphics frame in the form. This has been fixed. 7.5f
1792 Remove the use of the first location of project module files as directory to output mstudio module file as this may point to the 'Program Files' location which is read-only in newer Windows environments. 7.5g
1800 Attempting to add Greek text into the caption of a combo box caused a corruption of the GINOMENU Studio project file. Unfortunately, combo boxes can only cater for standard text and non Roman fonts should NOT be used. 7.5

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