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PER Product Name Summary Version
1101 GNU Fortran (Linux) The option of building (and using) shared libraries is now provided when installing the GNU-C GINO implementation. 6.5
1112 Salford FTN95.NET Due to the method used by the Lahey LF95 .NET compiler, a duplicate set of overload functions have been provided to accept 2D arrays as a 1D array pointer. This affects one routine in GINOGRAF and 11 routines in GINOSURF. 6.5
1069 Intel Visual Fortran A new implementation of GINO using the Intel IVF Fortran compiler version 8.0 is now available. Users must have at least version 8.0.038 to be able to use the new libraries. 6.0c
1076 Intel Linux Fortran A new implementation of the GINO suite is now available for the Intel Linux Fortran compiler. The initial release was built with version 8.0.034. 6.0d
1061 POSTSCRIPT Driver A new easier to use gColourEps nomination routine is now available with this driver. 6.5
1072 MWIN - Microsoft Windows Driver Support for private bitmaps has been added to the Mwin (and WOGL) drivers through two new nomination routines - gMwindc (and gWogldc). These assist the use of GINO in Delphi and .NET interactive applications where bitmap handles are transient. 6.0c
1090 Cursor actions and types are now available when using the gMwindc nomination routine (for Delphi and .NET usage) 6.5
1030 GINO Library Nine new routines have been added to read, write and enquire the Windows Registry. 6.5
1050 Evaluation time period has been set to 30 days and additional text has been added to pop-up error box when evaluation period has expired or invalid licence code detected. 6.0d
1139 GINOGRAF Two new routines, ggSetChartSegments and ggEnqChartSegments, have been added to give chart components, segment identifiers for use with picking. 6.5
955 GINOSURF Contour map and cross section axes annotation has been improved by calculating remainders and displaying sensible numbers where appropriate. 6.5
978 Two new routines have been added to generate 3D and 4D constrained triangulation networks from free data points, break-lines and excluded regions in one call. 6.5
1016 Three new routines have been added to enquire actual surface, countour and cross-section axes limits (as opposed to the requested ones). 6.5
1028 A new routine gsEnqContourLevels() has been added to enquire the defined contour heights and line styles as set by gsSetContourLevels(). 6.5
1066 Two routines have been added to finely control the axes styles of contour and cross-section axes. This includes the independent control of annotation, tick marks and the axis line itself. 6.5
1075 Three new routines have been added to return areas and volumes associated with the current surface or cross-section plot and a user specified base height. 6.5
1078 A routine (gsSetPolylineCrossSectionProj) has been added to control the projection of a polyline cross-section plot such that the horizontal axes may display the X or Y differences or, as at present, the distances along the polyline. 6.5
1094 A request to equate the size of contour key and contour axes annotation was not implemented as the default was thought to be common practice and additional control is provided through the routine gsSetContourKeyPos(KEYBND). NULL
745 GINOMENU for Windows Seven new optional arguments have been added to the text and value array grid creation routines, allowing the setting of various colours and cell border lines types. 6.5
796 The GARRAYCELL structure now contains font attributes which may be assigned to individual cells within a text or value array grid. These should be used sparingly! 6.5
863 A new optional argument has been added to the routine gmPrintTextWidget returning its status of the print operation. 6.5
880 A request for link callback is catered for by using the routines added in PER1104 which can be used on a select callback of a text entry. 6.5
934 A new routine (with enquiry) has been added, to set the selection of text within text and value entries with a single, or as at present, a double mouse click. The routine is called gmSetEntrySelectionMode. 6.5
935 Multi-level undo operations are now permitted in Rich Text editor widgets using the routine gmTextUndoAction - see also PER 1037. 6.5
997 A new dockable window/pane widget has been added. 6.5
1020 A new routine gmPostCallback has been added to enable an application to 'fake' a callback from a particular widget. 6.5
1021 The routine gmSetRogueValueStr now operates on text and value arrays where values cells are being displayed. 6.5
1025 A new routine gmFlushCallbackQueue has been added to enable the flushing of all pending callbacks that have not been processed. 6.5
1031 The gmBorderType optional argument has been added to text and value array grids allowing for a number of different border types for this widget. 6.5
1032 The action of the TAB key in text and value array widgets has been changed so this key will cycle to the next row if the current position is at the end of a row. 6.5
1037 Two new optionals have been added to the gmTextUndoAction routine - GREDO and GCANREDO enabling the re-doing of multi-level text undo operations - see PER 935. 6.5
1039 Colour syntax highlighting has been added for numerical constants. 6.5
1042 A new optional argument gmTranslateSpecialChars has been added to text and TTY entry widgets to enable the suppression of translation of special characters when setting the widgets' contents with gmSetTextSetting. 6.5
1044 The change callback has been added to text and value arrays indicating when a user has changed to a different cell through keyboard control. 6.5
1045 The optional argument gmStatus has been added to most widget creation routines, allowing an application to set the widget status on creation. 6.5
1046 The operations of adding and removing, rows and columns of an array grid have been improved. All cell properties are propagated and currently selected cells are now dealt with correctly. 6.5
1049 A new setting for the gmInitialState option for master and child dialogue boxes has been added - GTOP ensures that the window starts at the top of the screen allowing from title and menu bars as appropriate. 6.5
1053 GINOMENU now supports a single line Rich Text edit box through the routine gmCreateTextEntry. 6.5
1054 Two routines have been added to clear the contents of a value entry and a value cell. These are required because a zero value (0.0) is normally displayed in such a widget. 6.5
1058 A new routine gmImportWMFFile has been added to import WMF files onto a graphics frame widget. The routine will accept both WMF and EMF format files. 6.5
1060 A new routine gmFreezeRTFChanges has been added to enable the buffering up of changes to RTF text widgets without visible changes on the screen. 6.5
1064 Two new routines have been added to allow the setting and enquiry of a global bubble help activation switch - gmSet/EnqBubbleHelpSwitch. 6.5
1065 New controls have been added to Value Entry widgets to improve error checking and input options. 6.5
1071 The gmFileDrop callback has been added to MDI Master windows, to allow files to be drooped from the browser onto a GINOMENU MDI application. 6.5
1077 The keyboard control within text and value arrays grids has been improved to allow the selection of combo box cell items to be accessed through the arrow keys (without using the mouse). 6.5
1081 A new option gmOLEInserts has been added to the text entry widget to enable the prevention of insertion of OLE objects. The default remains, that OLE objects can be inserted into an editable RTF widget. 6.5
1088 A new attribute, gmCellComboButtons, has been added to text and value arrays to switch the display of combo box selection buttons on and off. The default is for the selection button only to be displayed when the combo cell has been selected. 6.5
1089 A button type can now be switched between GDEFAULT and GDEFAULTBUTTON using gmSetWidgetProp(). 6.5
1092 A new 'User Defined' icon set is provided when creating a Tree View widget, 6.5
1095 A justification option has been added to button labels and bubble help strings. 6.5
1102 A double-click callback has been added to tree-view entries. 6.5
1103 A new routine gmEnqWidgetStatus has been added to ease this enquiry. 6.5
1104 Two new text entry enquiry routines have been added to enquire a word or text without selection. 6.5
1105 A text entry is now permitted to be a child of another text entry. This has allowed the generation of tool-tip help widgets to be displayed in conjunction with a text editor. 6.5
1120 A pair of routines has been added to set and enquire a new option for the File Browser. That is to make the browser update the current working directory to that of the last selected file or directory (default) or remain in the current working directory. 6.5
1121 A new optional argument and property, gmReadOnly, has been added to text, teletype and value entries to allow an editable entry to be temporarily made read-only. 6.5
1125 A new optional argument, gmQuitMode, has been added to the tool bar creation routine (gmCreateToolBar) to cater for the different quit mode options of normal windows. 6.5
1138 Widget accelerators can now be defined using the Windows syntax of adding a preceding & (ampersand) character to the required character. The gmAccel parameter will take priority over this new feature though. 6.5
1140 A new optional argument, gmCount, has been added to the add/remove row/column routines for array grids, providing much greater efficiency for multiple additions or deletions. 6.5
1006 GINOMENU Studio The ability to attach icon resources to menus, list boxes, combo boxes and tree views has been added. 5.0
1040 The user code blocks and widget callback code blocks have been merged into a single code block pull-down list preventing confusion in this area. 5.0
1051 A tool-bar separator widget has been added to the tool box so this widget can be added to tool bars as required. 5.0
1063 A new preferences option has been added to optionally synchronise the project file and generated source, so that both are kept up-to-date when one is saved. 5.0
1067 Line and character positions have been added to the Code Editor dialogue display. 5.0
1068 Within the Find Text (and other dialogues) the 'default' and 'current' buttons are now synchronised so that pressing return will active the correct button. 5.0
1074 Widgets may now be grouped on any parent panel, not just the form. 4.0e
1084 Links from all GINO, GINOGRAF and GINOSURF routines, added to code blocks, to their relevant on-line manual page is now available. 5.0
1108 Value entries and toggles can now be defined as having a height of greater than 1 grid cell (25 pixels). Whilst the active component of these widgets remains the same, the background can now extend either side. 4.0e
1109 The menu and tree view editor has been improved to grey-out options until they are valid. 5.0
1111 Default widget identifier names are now generated for menu and tree view entries in the caption name to ease creation. 5.0
1117 The ESC hotkey has been activated to close various dialogue windows as an additional option to pressing the close button. 5.0
1119 The Code Editor's Find/Replace dialogue has been improved to add the selected text in the find box and maintain previous strings in find and replace combo lists. 5.0
1122 Additional facilities have been added to the Widget Tab Order dialogue to cater for resizing the window and the movement of multiple widgets. 5.0
1124 Undo and Redo options are now available in the main menu to carry out these actions on previous widget movements. 5.0
1128 A new option has been added to the preferences dialogue to add code to check on the GINO config status when running the application. 5.0
1130 An auto-backup option has been added to save the project file at a user specified time interval. 5.0
1151 A new 'Global Routines' code block has been added for the placement of routines/functions into the Mstudio module or global code block. This provides a superior and more efficient way of adding routines to a Studio project. 5.0
1152 The order of module directories has been changed when building the project, putting any user specified directory first in the list. This provides control over module placement for the Lahey compiler. 5.0
1153 The action of adding a menu separator in the menu editor has been changed such that it now inserts the separator above the current entry. 5.0
1154 Font properties have been added to Tab Dialogue Boxes affecting all the tab labels within this widget. 5.0
PUR Product Name Summary Version
1508 Lahey LF90/95 (DOS/Win32) It transpires that running an application using gEnqWorkingDirectory from a batch file will return the directory name in 8.3 format, whilst running the same application from a DOS/Command window or Explorer will return the full long name. 6.0
1462 Absoft Pro Fortran (Win32) A new implementation of GINO products is available under version 8.2 of the Absoft Pro Fortran compiler. This is required because of the new module format which is incompatible with the previous version of this compiler. 6.0b
1554 CGM Metafile The maximum length of a CGM file name has been increased from 120 to 1024 characters. 6.5
1537 Device-Drivers The memory limits of the C versions of the JPEG, PNG and IMAGE drivers has been increased to be in line with the F90 versions and as documented in the GINO User Manual. Previously this had been limited to the default drawing area for each driver. 6.5
1573 XWIN - X Windows The display of hardware arcs has been corrected where the pixel aspect ratio was not equal. An internal calculation of the radius was at fault. 6.5
1418 WOGL - Windows OpenGL Driver A request to generate thick lines fails under some circumstances (e.g.. Ginoex4). This has been fixed. 6.0a
1464 Due to lights begin switched off in order to draw 3D coloured vectors, a problem existed when these primitives were placed at the end of a segment causing lights not to be switched back on when requested. This problem has been fixed. 6.0c
1488 Running under Windows XP with hardware acceleration switched on, OpenGL based programs could either hang or crash. Unfortunately this is a result of problems with the graphics card driver under XP. Programs run OK if acceleration is switched off. 6.0c
1524 The setting of GINO colour table using gDefineRGB etc. did not update the GINOMENU widget colour table when using OpenGL graphics frames in conjunction with this driver. This has been fixed. 6.0d
1414 MWIN - Microsoft Windows Driver Second run of VB Gino project failed to recreate error box window due to error with Window Class. This has been fixed. 6.0a
1451 WMF - Windows Metafile As there was no check on the complexity of polygons being output by this driver, there was the possibility of an array overflow and unpredictable results. The internal limit has been increased and is now correctly checked for. 6.0b
1560 Changes made at version 5.5 which prevented GINO WMF files being read by the Corel PhotoShop filter have been re-inserted. 6.5
1561 The value returned for the default pen thickness (after setting it to 0.0) has been corrected. 6.5
1416 PNG - Portable Network Graphics Driver The routine gGetImageFile() failed to read 8 bit paletted PNG files correctly. This has been fixed. 6.0a
1498 Incorrect colour interpretation was done in this driver for LINUX and Absoft Pro Fortran implementations of GINO. This was due to the incorrect handling of RGB byte order and has been corrected. 6.0d
1335 GINO Library The routine gEnqPicturePos(POSPIC) did not always return the correct co-ordinates when using hardware viewing in the gWogl driver. This has been solved by enquiring of the driver the current drawing position. 6.5
1411 The predefined constant defining the mouse wheel event type (GMOUSEWHEEL) was missing from the F90 module and the C include file. This has now been included. 6.0a
1412 An erroneous error message (197) was generated in some circumstances when using complex polygons. This has been eliminated. 6.0a
1417 Two compiler errors relating to the functions gPt2int and gPt3int are reported when using the GINO F90 module with IMPLICIT NONE statement. These have been fixed by correcting the function declarations. 6.0a
1424 The routine gExecuteSysCommand(SYSCOM) exhibited a changed behaviour when firing off console applications than in the previous release. The routine now places any console output in an existing or new command window as appropriate. 6.0a
1426 Incorrect errors 38 and 92 could be generated when using polygonal windows in some circumstances. A correction has been made to the use of internal workspaces to prevent this occurring. 6.0a
1495 Undocumented errors produced by gDrawSpineSurface have been amended. Two new errors 232 and 233 are now correctly generated and documented. 6.5
1519 A polygon fill error has been fixed whereby a very small, clipped, triangular polygon could incorrectly fill the entire screen with colour. 6.0d
1540 A problem with lighting when using a mixture of polyline and faceted segments has been fixed. 6.0e
1579 Cell array output (gDrawCellArray) is now correctly clipped according to the current (rectangular) clipping limits. 6.5
1497 GINO.NET Interface Problems returning string arguments and handling string array arguments have been resolved. 6.0d
1557 GINOSURF functions which returned data in arrays (gsReturnContourDataset etc.) did not create return array structures correctly for .NET and crashed. The array structures are now correctly allocated. 6.5
1381 GINOSURF Contour annotation is now correctly displayed for values less than 1.0e-3. 6.5
1386 Some improvements have been made in the annotation of contours on a triangular network where the contour was near to the vertical or on sharp curves. 6.5
1463 The limit of 100 points to define a polyline cross section has been increased to 1024 to allow for more realistic data sets. 6.0c
1499 Some improvements have been made in the triangulation of data with very small co-ordinate ranges. This has been achieved through special checks, which if fail, generate GINOSURF Error 108 resulting in the point being ignored. 6.5
1509 A user wishing to draw alternately a 2D contour map and a 3D contoured surface on an OpenGL graphics frame found sections of the surface missing after drawing the contour map. The issue was resolved after setting the correct arguments to gsSetSurf3DState. 6.0
1510 A new check has been added to prevent a divide by zero when triangulating data where all the heights are zero. GINOSURF Error 17 is generated and no triangulation takes place. 6.5
1511 Problems using gsSetSurfaceAxesRatio() on surface plots using the 3D hardware features of GINOSURF have been fixed. 6.5
1516 A data set required for the use of surface contouring (gsFillContourSurface3D) either went into an infinite loop or produced many interpolation errors. Due to the small height range, it was advised that the GWEIGHTAVERAGE option was used in interpolation. 6.0
1523 Circumstances where the Z axis label can appear twice on a surface plot have been eliminated. 6.5
1558 Using the routine gsAddNetworkPoint(TRIADD) could result in a hanging of the application. These problems have been fixed. 6.5
1379 GINOMENU for Windows Text/value array cells do not now appear active when the focus is removed from the array grid. 6.0c
1402 A new optional argument gmTruePointSize has been added to gmSet/EnqFontAttributes to allow the correct setting of font point size on non RTF widgets. 6.5
1404 When cancelling the File Browser dialogue the directory string argument is no longer updated, but left as passed to the routine on input. 6.0a
1406 Resizing a graphics frame using the routine gmSetWidgetProp did not work. The change now does take place when the widget is next redrawn. 6.0b
1410 The gmOrientation optional argument in the routine gmSetPrinterProps now accepts the predefined constants GPORTRAIT or GLANDSCAPE. 6.0a
1413 A new optional argument gReturnStrLen has been added to the C binding of gmEnqWidgetProp to allow the return of long strings. 6.5
1419 Under certain circumstances a request to create and draw a new dialogue window in its maximised state failed to work. A special test has been added when first drawing a window to check for these circumstances. 6.0a
1422 The background of tree view widgets was incorrectly drawn in grey. This has been set back to white as in previous versions. 6.0a
1423 Regenerating cascading menu entries could cause the menu to display the wrong string due to an error in the Windows API. This has been circumnavigated by using a different mechanism, but in doing so preventing the addition of icons to such entries. 6.0a
1425 Setting the state of a panel to be visible failed to update the internal property of the widget, causing a widget enquiry such as gEnqWidgetProp or gEnqWidgetInfo to return incorrect information. This has been fixed. 6.0a
1427 A crash could occur after selecting an entry from an owner drawn combo box under Windows 98. This has been fixed. 6.0a
1428 The optional argument gmScrollable had its setting reversed, where GON switched the option off and GOFF switched it on. These have been reversed to their correct meaning. 6.0a
1430 Use of the routine gmSetFontAttribs in the C interface caused a small memory leak of 256 bytes due to a duplicate internal buffer allocation. This has been fixed. 6.0a
1431 Array grid labels starting with a space character are now correctly assigned 6.0a
1433 A denigration of performance was reported when updating child dialogue windows under XP due to the remnants of an attempt to 'improve' performance with double buffering. The trial code has now been completely removed returning performance to its optimum. 6.0a
1435 Text/Value arrays could not be selected if there were no cells completely visible. This has been fixed. 6.0b
1436 Due to a fix added in 6.0a, an incorrect number of characters were sometimes returned by the routines gmEnqTextSetting(TEXENQ) from a single line text entry. This has been fixed. 6.0c
1439 Problems with inserting some objects into RTF text widget have been overcome. Particular problems with WMF files need additional resolution specific RTF codes to be inserted before the file in question. 6.0e
1441 The column number in the routines gmEnq/SetTableBoxLabel was one out. This has been corrected. 6.0b
1443 Due to a bug in Windows NT, the setting of the File Browser dialogue window position using gmSetTrackingPos has had to be deimplemented. The routine is effective under all other Windows variants. 6.0b
1445 Due to the strict argument checking of the F90 interface, 2D arrays of values could not be passed to gmEnq/SetArrayValue routines. The generic interface has therefore been extended to accept this kind of argument. 6.0b
1446 An access violation could occur when erasing a Child MDI window using gmEraseWidget(WIDREM) where that window had its own menu bar. This has been fixed. 6.0b
1447 Setting an array grid cell with a value using gmSetCellSetting failed to update its text string contents resulting in a blank string being returned by gmEnqTextArray. This has been fixed so that the correct 'value' strings are now returned. 6.0b
1449 Problems using gmEnq/SetTextArray when only a single cell had been selected have been fixed. Previously either the cell was not selected or the new contents were not properly replaced. 6.0b
1450 Changing the prompt string of a TTY entry box didn't take effect until after the next line had been input. This has been changed so the action of gmSetWidgetProp takes effect immediately. 6.0b
1452 Selecting the bottom right corner of an array grid unselects all the cells in the grid, but didn't inform the user that such an action had been taken. A select callback is now generated as a result of this action indicating that no cells are selected. 6.0b
1454 An inconsistency existed in the size and position of SDI and MDI windows using the same data which showed itself particularly in Studio. The two have been brought into line with each other by adjusting the placement of MDI master and child windows. 6.0c
1455 Applications using mouse sensitive icons eventually ran out of icon resources resulting in blank icons being displayed and possible hang or crash. The memory leak has been plugged. 6.0b
1457 Negative Y co-ordinates were incorrectly returned as high positive values by gmEnqActionState. This has been corrected. 6.0c
1458 Treeview widgets were always being drawn with a white background. This has been changed so that the current windows background colour is used as per the current schema. 6.0c
1461 A problem was introduced at version 6.0b whereby editing the contents of one array grid whilst updating the contents of a second array grid would have unintended results. This has been fixed. 6.0c
1466 A crash occurred when setting the status of a tabbed dialogue box panel when no panel was currently selected e.g. after deleting the currently selected panel. This has been fixed. 6.0c
1468 It was found that setting the contents of a text/value array cell using a combo box entry, did not update the cell until a different cell was activated. The contents are now displayed when the combo box selection is made. 6.0d
1470 A problem with screen flicker whilst updating large and complex array grids can be solved by making the grid invisible whilst making the changes (gmSetWidgetStatus(array_grid,GHIDDEN)). No fix is necessary to the GINOMENU library. 6.5
1471 The position of the label text for small, user defined buttons was not central within the widget. The position has been adjusted to cater for all widget sizes. 6.0c
1472 Using the routine gmSetTextArray in the C interface to GINOMENU copied extra garbage characters where strings were of differing lengths in the array. The copy process has been corrected. 6.0c
1473 An unselectable text or value array grid is now displayed with a background overlay grid, making its appearance different from a selectable widget. 6.5
1474 Repeated calls to gmEnqWidgetInfo(WIDINF) and gmSetWidgetInfo(WIDCHA) in grid mode on master and dialogue windows caused the window to creep up the screen. This has been fixed. 6.0c
1479 Adding a general callback (gmnDefineCallback) to a panel changed its status, such that if it was a member of a tabbed dialogue box, the panel popped to the front. This action has been removed and the status is now unchanged. 6.0c
1480 A request to update array grid cells attached to combo box widgets when selecting the combo box entry by program control has been declined. This is due to the possible many-to-one relationship between cells and combo boxes and possible inefficiencies. 6.0
1484 A string handling problem with the Salford FTN95 compiler, pre version 3.0, results in incorrect strings being returned using the gmEnqTextSetting routine where the string argument is declared longer than the widget buffer length. 6.0
1487 Incorrect status and positioning information was being returned after a resize event on a child MDI window. This has been corrected. 6.0c
1490 The filedrop callback failed to operate on OpenGL graphics frames. This has been corrected. 6.0c
1492 A problem with GDI graphics frames being wiped clean under certain circumstances when the widget is redrawn, has been fixed. This is a correction to code added to solve PUR 1406. 6.0c
1496 The routine gmEnqArrayCells did not always report the currently active cells, particularly after a TAB or arrow keyboard action. The routine has been amended to always return the correct information. 6.0d
1500 Tab hotkey failed to work properly on combo boxes, in that the press jumped to the combo box and could cause multiple callbacks, and the release jumped to the next widget. The tab key action has been corrected to be the same as other widget types. 6.0d
1501 A problem introduced at version 6.0c with returning the last character using the routine gmEnqTextSetting has been fixed. 6.0d
1502 Child MDI windows were displayed in wrong position due to changes made for PUR 1454. The positions have been reset. 6.0d
1503 A problem associated with array grids and combo boxes with descriptions (owner drawn) where a crash could occur at different locations has been fixed. The problem was due to the method of creating owner drawn combo boxes which has now been changed. 6.0d
1504 The routine gmSetCellSetting can now be used on cells with combo boxes attached without destroying the link with the combo box. 6.0d
1506 Copy/Cut/Paste operations via the keyboard (Ctrl x/c/v) have been added to value entries and array grids. 6.0d
1507 Master Window icon and others could get replaced after sequence of erasing child dialogue windows and recreating them. This problem has been fixed. 6.0d
1515 Where the status of a panel on a tabbed dialogue box with scroll arrows is set prior to the widget being drawn, it was incorrectly displayed with only the last panel showing. This has been corrected. 6.0d
1517 The values returned by gmEnqActionState after a paste operation on an array grid were incorrect. The cell extents have been corrected. 6.0d
1518 Unpredictable results could occur if a simple file name (without extension) was entered when using gmFileBrowser. This was tracked down to some unsafe code searching back for the occurrence of a non-existent '.' which has now been corrected. 6.0d
1520 Under Windows 2000 and XP, the 'recently access files combo' and the places icons were missing on the File Browser dialogue post version 6.0. These have been restored after catering for the different structure sizes in the API. 6.0d
1521 The limits element of the GWIDGET structure used in gmEnq/SetWidgetInfo routines used width and height values instead of maximum limits. This particularly affect graphics frames and has now been corrected. 6.0d
1522 The deletion of tree view widgets has been improved visually, by hiding it from the display whilst deleting its child entry widgets. 6.0d
1525 Where a toolbar separator exists at the end of a toolbar, this was not displayed when the tool bar was drawn in its floating state. This has been fixed. 6.5
1526 A problem with setting the line width when printing via gmPrinterControl(GUIPRT) has been fixed. Under certain circumstances the line width was only being set on the second print job. 6.0e
1527 Problems with displaying the lighting properties window of the bottle example program have been fixed. This problem only existed on some hardware. 6.5
1529 The routine gmGetIconResource now correctly returns a zero identifier if the icon resource does not exist. 6.5
1530 Hot key callbacks now correctly cater for Alt Gr key combinations. 6.0e
1531 The arguments gmCloseIcon and gmOpenIcon in the routine gmCreateTreeEntry were inverted in the C interface. 6.0e
1532 Windows XP does not display child MDI window icons in the new scheme - Windows bug? 6.0e
1533 The correct icons are now displayed for unselectable menu entries and whilst highlighted with the mouse. In these latter circumstances the blue background now does not extend to the icon area if an icon is present. 6.0e
1535 An application crash could occur when assigning a help string to a widget (using gmSetWidgetHelp) after earlier assigning a blank help string to the same widget. This has been fixed. 6.0e
1538 Undo/Redo actions can now be correctly carried out on text which is syntax highlighted 6.5
1541 A GINO Error 1 message was incorrectly generated if an OpenGL print request was made (gmPrinterControl) followed by a re-activation of the graphics frame. This has been corrected. 6.5
1546 Problems can exist with OpenGL graphics frames on child MDI windows with the frame not getting exposed correctly after the removal of other windows. Our suggestion is that the graphics frame is redrawn under such circumstances. 6.5
1547 The use of gmDefineKeySelectCallback() on mouse buttons failed to work after the 6.0e patch. This has been fixed. 6.5
1548 Problems displaying/removing software cursor types (GLARGECROSS etc.) have been fixed. 6.5
1555 Changing the label of a pulldown menu entry (using gmSetWidgetProp()) caused the entry to loose any attached icons. This has been corrected. 6.5
1556 Inserting an entry into the middle of a combo box list using gmSetListEntry(GINSERT, ...) previously only added it to the end of the list. The entry is now correctly inserted. 6.5
1568 The currently selected cells in an array grid became unselected when the focus was moved to a different widget (see PUR 1379). This has been changed so that the entry editing widget IS removed but the currently selected cells remain selected. 6.5
1570 The scroll arrow was added to a tabbed dialogue box before it was necessary. A correct calculation of the label lengths is now carried out. 6.5
1572 Tabbing or using arrow keys over display only cells in an array grid now works. 6.5
1575 Making the changes to the File Browser at version 6.0 to enable positioning, lost the ability to resize the browser dialogue window. This has been reactivated. 6.5
1578 A problem, whereby, after repositioing a master MDI window, it jumps either upwards or to the right when redrawn (using gmDrawWindow) has been fixed. 6.5
1385 GINOMENU for X Keys pressed on the numeric keypad are now accepted in text and numeric entry widgets. 3.33
1460 The default accelerator key for all implementations is now ALT. 3.3a
1467 Setting a 3D viewport after activating a 3D graphics frame failed to expand the Z range to the required limits. This was due to an incorrect internal setting of window limits within the call to gmActivateGraphicsFrame(FRAACT) and has been corrected. 3.3a
1536 The pen width has been initialised to 0.0 in gmInitializeMenu(MENU) to ensure consistency when changing graphics frame limits. If altered by user, width will remain constant in 'real' terms. 3.3c
1565 Window quit messages are now correctly passed to the user for master and child dialogue windows. 3.3c
1566 Message and Information boxes now cater for messages greater than 2 lines, altering the height of the message box accordingly. 3.3c
1567 The buttons on error and information boxes now operate correctly. 3.3c
1576 Window title strings are now correctly displayed on master and child dialogue windows. 3.3c
1577 The routines gmPopWindow(WINPOP) and gmPushWindow(WINBOT) have been re-implemented in the multi-window version of GINOMENU-X 3.3c
1421 GINOMENU Studio Both the tree view and menu bar editors could leave a blank entry at the end of the list of entries causing problems when generating the project code. Any trailing blank entry is now cleaned up when closing the editor. 4.0a
1429 A corruption of the project file occurred when value entries contained values greater then 1.0E20. This has been corrected along with the change that the values in the properties window now reflect the correct value format for that widget type. 4.0a
1432 On very rare occasions it was found not to be possible to save the contents of project callback and user code blocks after editing them. A solution/work-round has been found to this problem. 4.0a
1434 Master MDI windows can now contain toolbars. 4.0b
1437 Code generated for F77 X-Windows projects contained references to routines not available in the GINOMENU-X library. These have been removed. 4.0b
1438 Any callback code associated with a pull-down menu entry was lost if the entry was raised (moved back) a level. This is now only done if the entry is raised to the level of the menu bar itself. 4.0b
1444 It was possible to add tool bar widgets to container widgets other than forms. This should not have been possible and is now checked for when placing widgets. 4.0b
1448 Studio crashed if the menu bar callback code editor was opened after modifying a Select Callback code block of another widget. This has been fixed. 4.0b
1453 Activating the status bar editor panel slider failed to update any changes to the current panel's width and text. This has been fixed. 4.0b
1469 A horizontal scroll bar has been added to the Change Widget Tab Order dialogue list box so that long widget names can be viewed properly. 4.0c
1475 The F90 generated code for creating combo boxes could contain an initial line longer than 132 characters, which is illegal for some compilers. The generation procedure has been changed to correct this. 4.0c
1477 The possibility of a system hang occurring when renaming a widget and updating the user code blocks has been fixed. 4.0c
1485 When returning to the Code Editor having switched to a different application (for editing for example), the focus was not set back to the Code Editor Window. This has been fixed. 5.0
1486 Where an RTF multi-line text widget was active, some Studio operations stripped off the last character from the internal text of that widget. This has been fixed. 4.0c
1491 The horizontal grid setting could become corrupt, causing warning messages when reloading a project. Preventing an internal string overflow has possibly stopped this problem reoccurring. 4.0c
1493 Changing the % size of gridded widgets previously had no visible effect on a form in the design stage. The widget is now recreated when this property is changed giving the true effect. 4.0d
1494 The missing hot-link from the '% size' property to the Studio manual has been added. 5.0
1512 User defined module directories are now searched before default GINO directories when building a project. 4.0d
1513 The display of the code editor window has been improved to prevent the flashing when syntax highlighting is enabled. 4.0d
1514 It was noticed that where a value entry was the current widget, a rebuild request would re-compile and link even if there had been no changes to the project. This was caused by the way value entries generate callbacks but is now catered for correctly. 4.0d
1528 Problems with menu separator identifier names not being displayed in the menu editor dialogue have been resolved. (See also PUR 1551) 5.0
1542 Accepting a snap grid change could cause a crash when using the CR key to close the dialogue. This has been fixed. 4.0e
1543 Editing a menu callback after a widget select callback failed to update the code. The code is now correctly updated. 4.0e
1544 Code blocks larger than 32768 characters were truncated when using the function to update code blocks after a change of widget identifier name. The update is now carried out correctly. 4.0e
1549 Using the arrow keys to move a group of widgets near the edge of a tabbed dialogue box could result in a different tab becoming the current widget. This has been fixed. 5.0
1550 All menu separators were given the same variable name in the generated code. This has been changed to give unique names to allow application control where required. 5.0
1551 Problems with the internal names generated for menu separator widgets has been fixed. 5.0
1552 It is now possible to use relative path names for external icon files within Studio. 5.0
1553 Changing the font attributes for the tabs of a tabbed dialogue box widget now works. 5.0
1562 Errors in the F90 code generation concerned with long string constants have been fixed. 5.0
1563 The 'undo' option within the Find/Replace dialogue in the Code Editor is now functional. 5.0
1564 Problems restarting Studio after saving user defined widget default settings have been fixed. 5.0

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