Thu May 29 12:01:51 2003

Product Enhancements

PER Product Name Summary Version
967 Lahey LF90/95 (DOS/Win32) A new implementation of GINO libraries is now available under the Lahey LF95 compiler version 5.7. This compiler uses Microsoft librarian and linker and also requires different build scripts due to the different import/export mechanism used. 5.5b
1007 .NET A .NET implementation of GINO and its libraries is now available as a set of installable assemblies built in Microsoft Intermediate Code and accessible from VB, C# and FTN95 .NET. At present these interface to the standard GINO Win32 DLL's to access OpenGL and the Windows API. 6.0
623 POSTSCRIPT Driver A new option in EPSEXP routine has been added enabling the correct bounding box values to be placed in the header (rather than at the end of the file). This option required post processing the postscript output and thus incurs an time overhead. 6.0
965 The Euro symbol has been added to the set of glyph symbols generated by the driver. The symbol is only generated on printers with PostScript Level 3 firmware. 5.5b
769 DXF - Autocad DXF Metafile DXF files have been made acceptable to the Microsoft Word filter by adding a default layer table into the start of the file. 6.0
926 WOGL - Windows OpenGL Driver An attempt to share (hardware) segment lists between screen device and printer failed due to restrictions in the Windows extensions to the OpenGL library (wglShareLists). NULL
874 GINO Library The routine gExecuteSysCommand has been extended to either suspend execution or run in parallel with the separate process and return its handle if appropriate through new optional arguments. 6.0
898 Two routines have been added to interpolate values on user supplied 2D and 3D data using linear interpolation. These can be used on external or internal data extracted from GINO's point storage mechanism. 6.0
915 New optional arguments gUComp, gVComp and gWComp have been added to the cube and box drawing routines to allow for multiple facets to be generated on each face. This can be used to improved lighting conditions of these objects. 6.0
919 A new routine gEnqImpAttribs has been added to obtain implementation specific settings for word size, units numbers, directory separator etc. 6.0
928 An optional string argument has been added to gEnqConfigStatus to indicate an alternative location of GINO's configuration, message and font files. The location specified in the application is checked after all other possible locations. 6.0
966 The Euro currency symbol has been added to GINO software fonts 101 and 102 at ASCII code 127. Automatic character translation is performed if these fonts are set and Euro symbol is encountered in character string. 5.5b
444 GINO Pascal (Delphi) Interface A new interface layer has been provided to enable GINO libraries to be used with Delphi and the Pascal programming language. 6.0
896 GINOSURF Surface axes labels can now be specified as being drawn parallel with the axes in addition to their default position at the bottom of the display. 6.0
900 Surface detail may be added to a triangulation network in the form of surface break lines. The routine gsAddSurfaceBreakLines will incorporate a set of polylines into the triangulation interpolating height values where necessary. 6.0
949 A routine has been added to remove an individual point from a triangulation network (matching gsAddNetworkPoint). This usually results in a re-triangulation of the network. 6.0
950 Two routines have been added to activate and deactivate a set of triangles in a triangulation network. Deactivated triangles will not be considered when contouring or drawing a surface of a triangulation network. 6.0
951 The routine gsSetSurfaceLneShading(SHALIN) has been extended to cater for the shading of contours and grid lines on a smooth shaded surface. 6.0
952 A routine has been added to deactivate thin boundary triangles according to a specified ratio to improve data representation at the extremities. 6.0
953 Routines have been added to assist in the interactive manipulation of a triangulation network. 6.0
954 Missing data values may be encompassed within triangulated data by setting an appropriate threshold value and requesting interpolated values to be calculated instead. 6.0
956 Routines have been added to cater for the triangulation (and display) of 4D data. 6.0
1003 A facility has been added to display the gradient field of each triangle within a triangulation network. 6.0
1009 A routine (gsAddContourPolylineSet) has been added to draw a polyline set on a triangulated contour map. This can be used in conjunction with other GINOSURF polyline set routines. 6.0
1010 A routine (gsSetNetworkLineStyles) has been added to define the linestyles of all triangulation contour map features such as grid lines, node annotation and field gradient arrows. 6.0
1011 When drawing smooth shaded surface, it is now possible to switch the normals of under surface facets to improve lighting of such features if required (gsSetSurfaceNormalDirMode) 6.0
1012 Surface derivatives may now be calculated using linear interpolation (in addition to least squares) to match surface data method and/or provide a faster option if required (gsSetDerivativesCalcMode). 6.0
1013 Two routines (gsSaveWorkspace and gsRestoreWorkspace) have been added to save and restore a GINOSURF workspace to disk. 6.0
1014 A routine (gsReturnInternalNetworkBound) has been added to return the points representing the internal boundaries of a triangulated network after regions have been removed or made inactive (see PER 950). 6.0
1015 Two routines have been added to increase the options when displaying surfaces with inactive triangles. These control the nominal height (gsSetInactiveSurfaceHeightMode) and texture (gsSetInactiveTextureMode) of such features. 6.0
1017 An additional option has been added to the annotation suppression settings (sup) in gsSetSurfaceAxesStyle(PRJAXI) to suppress all data values (GALL) on any of the projected surface axes. 6.0
712 GINOMENU for Windows The routine gmDisplayHelp now accepts .chm (HTML Help) files 6.0
744 A new optional argument gmHelpColour has been added when bubble help is used to set the colour of the help bubble background. 6.0
746 A new optional argument gmCursor has been added to the button, icon and panel creation routines to define a cursor resource to be displayed when the mouse pointer exists over these widgets. 6.0
748 Two different icons can now be attached to menu entries for checked and unchecked images. These will only be displayed on systems running Windows 98 or later. 6.0
766 An extra paragraph property has been added for tab spacing after a bullet point (gmBulletTab). 6.0
774 Facilities have been added to acknowledge the user action of dropping files onto certain widget types within GINOMENU. These include text entries, buttons, list boxes, panels and graphics frames. 6.0
791 A directory list box containing icons can now be constructed using the new icon resources attached to a standard list box widget (see PER 995). 6.0
794 Six new routines and various new optional arguments have been added to create and control tab stops and bullet point types within a text widget. 6.0
806 Table box columns can be assigned to contain text or numerical data, the flag being used to aid sorting algorithms. 6.0
836 RTF text editor widgets will now support the handling of images and other OLE objects. These may displayed in existing RTF files, cut and pasted through the clipboard or loaded from program control using one of two new routines. 6.0
848 A new optional argument, gmSeparatorType, can be used in the creation of tool bar separators to display 4 different visible separators types. 6.0
917 When an application displays the Colour Control Dialogue, action on all other windows is now disabled. 6.0
918 Widget colour selection can now be achieved using GINO's 24bit packed RGB integer format in addition to the current colour index method. 6.0
920 A change callback can now be attached to list boxes allowing programmers to acknowledge scroll bar action by the user. The routines gmEnq/SetScrollBarPos are also permitted on list boxes as well. 6.0
922 Multi-line static text entries can now be created using a rich edit box and the correct foreground colour (12). 6.0
923 It is now possible to differentiate between selecting a window by title bar against selection by client area using the status element of the GACTION structure returned by gmEnActionState(ACTENQ). 6.0
929 In gmFileBrowser(BROWSE), the input directory string is now used to open the tree browser at the specified directory when GDIRECTORYTREE option is used. 6.0
932 It is now possible to attach a combo box to an array grid cell. This is achieved by making the combo box a child of the array grid and setting the cell type to be the widget identifier of the combo box. 6.0
937 New optional arguments gmStart and gmEnd can be used in the routine gmSet/EnqFontAttributes to alter the font attributes without the need to select the required range first. 6.0
938 A modification of the panel states allows greater control of the selectable and checked (on top) states. 6.0
939 The change callback for RTF text entries is divided into textual changes and cursor position changes through the status flag returned in gmEnqActionState(ACTENQ). 6.0
941 A single line editable text or value entry can now be centre or right justified using the appropriate justification switch. This is only supported under Windows 98/2000 or newer operating systems. 6.0
943 A new initial state for windows GCENTRED has been added. This will display a new window centred on the screen irrespective of current resolution. 6.0
946 Six new routines have been added to enable the highlighting of text within RTF text widgets according to user specified categories and colours. 6.0
947 The setting of bold, italic, underline and strikeout font attributes is now permitted on all widgets containing text. 6.0
948 Three routines have been added to provide a tab stop editor dialogue and set and enquire the tab stop settings in an RTF widget. 6.0
959 A floating toolbar box is now always displayed on top of its parent window. 6.0
961 An optional argument gmIcon has been added to the routine gmAddPropertytoList to enable an attachment of a user defined icon, obtained through gmGetIconResource, to the property list item. 6.0
963 Two new routines have been added to convert from pixel co-ordinates to graphics frame co-ordinates and visa versa. These should be used instead of the GINO routines which do not work in this environment. 6.0
964 Font and justification attributes are now acknowledged for panel labels, allowing for titled horizontal lines (where the panel height is zero) 6.0
971 The optional argument gmImage has been added to the gmCreateMDIMasterWindow routine allowing for an image background to MDI windows. 6.0
972 The character set (gmCharSet) argument to gmSetFontAttribs has been extended to include the ANSI/Greek character set using the setting GGREEKSET. 5.5b
974 An optional change callback can be added to a tree view item (gmCreateTreeEntry) giving the application notification of expand and collapse actions by the user. 6.0
975 A new routine gmEnqActiveWidget has been added to enquire the identifier of the widget that currently has the input focus. 6.0
976 Panel images may now be assigned from external files (as well as application resources). 6.0
979 Full RTF encoded strings can now be enquired from text widgets using a new optional gmEntryType argument in gmEnqTextSetting. 6.0
980 A new routine gmEnqArrayCells has been added to enquire the currently selected area of any array grid. 6.0
993 19 new standard icons have been added to the list of toolbar icons within the resources of the GINOMENU DLL. These include many common text formatting icons used for justification, indent and search operations. 6.0
995 A new routine gmGetIconResource is available for loading icon resources which can then be used in treeviews, list boxes, tab dialogue boxes, combo boxes, table boxes and pull-down menus (see PER 996). 6.0
996 An additional optional argument, gmIcon has been added to various widget creation routines to attach icon resources for enhanced visual recognition of the widget (see PER 995). 6.0
1000 Bubble help window position has been adjusted to avoid interference with cursor position. 6.0
1019 The optional argument gmHelp has been added to the routine gmAddPropertyToList allowing the setting of bubble help messages to property sheet items. 6.0
1027 Two new optional arguments have been added to the routine gmEnqPrinterProps to return the usable drawing limits (gmUsabelWidth and gmUsableLength) prior to opening the printer. 6.0
573 GINOMENU for X The default accelerator action for menu bar entries, button and toggles now requires Alt key combinations for PC and PC95 look-and-feel settings. 3.3
957 The new version of GINOMENU-X displays each dialogue as a separate native X-Window, instead of being grouped within an application base X-window. Some features have been de-implemented to enable this change. 3.3
958 An additonal option in the routine gmSetGuiStyle allows the setting of a Linux KDE look and feel. 3.3
726 GINOMENU Studio A new option has been added to change the creation order of widgets within containers once created. This will also affect the tabbing order of such entry/selection widgets during execution. 4.0
751 The code generated to create forms is now placed in a separate routines reducing the amount of code in the main program and circumnavigating possible compiler restrictions for large projects (see also PER 924). 4.0
856 Additional callback code blocks have been added to forms to cater for their changes in state (including the quit action). Whilst possible to code these under the General Callback, these new blocks simplify the task in any project. 4.0
909 Editing the contents of RTF text widgets activates a full RTF editor allowing the setting of all text and paragraph properties to individual parts of the text. 4.0
911 Tree View and Table Box widgets have been added to the tool box, allowing for their inclusion into Studio projects. 4.0
921 Two additional options have been added to the view menu to bring all current tool windows to the top and to restore their default size and positions. 4.0
924 Child SDI and MDI forms can now be defined as dynamic, whereby the window and its contents are not created at initialisation but as and when required by the application. This can help reduce resources required by an application. 4.0
931 New projects may be created in grid mode again, with the additional option of being scalable, allowing for the workspace to represent the same area irrespective of screen resolution. 4.0
942 A new initial state property has been added to all widget types. This property allows widgets to initially be defined as hidden, unselected or checked in the project but is not WYSIWYG on the form. 4.0
968 Support for double precision projects has been added by linking with appropriate GINO libraries. 3.0b
969 Studio projects can now be converted from one language or environment to another 4.0
970 Panels and forms may now be assigned image backgrounds. 4.0
981 The current position and size of Studio dialogue windows are now saved on exit and restored when re-running the application. 4.0
983 The option of initialising combo and list boxes with any of the GINOMENU defaults list contents has been added. These include files, directories, disk drives, fonts, days of the week and months of the year. 4.0
984 A check has been added when adding a menu bar to a child SDI form to ascertain whether the user actually wants such a menu bar. 4.0
985 A re-run button has been added to the project manager dialogue. 4.0
986 Additional font properties have been added to widgets containing text. These include bold, underline, italic and strikeout attributes. 4.0
987 A new (non WYSIWYG) initial state has been added for forms. GCENTRED which ensures that a window is positioned in the centre of the screen when the application is run. 4.0
988 A static text entry can now be justified and contain RTF text 4.0
989 The callback editor now allows a change callback to be attached to a list box and File Drop callbacks to be assigned to various widgets in line with the enhancements provided by GINOMENU version 6.0. 4.0
990 A new user preference has been added to allow language specific syntax highlighting of code within the code and callback editors. 4.0
991 Project file time stamps are now utilised to improve project building operation. A new "rebuild all" option has also been added to re-compile and link all components if required. 4.0
992 A widget copy/cut/paste pop menu, accessible through the right mouse button, is now available. 4.0
994 Tool bar buttons can now have their colour properties assigned. 4.0
1001 The Description Width property has been added to Combo Box widgets to allow for the addition of list description strings. 4.0

Bug fixes

PUR Product Name Summary Version
1319 CGM Metafile CGM files with any Character Set Index elements gave incorrect warnings when interpreted implying the index was out of range. The range limits are now correctly initialised. 5.5a
1307 XWIN - X Windows Use of GHOURGLASS variable to define cursor type did not work. This has been fixed. 5.5a
1407 Using auxiliary windows within an application which renominated this driver in a loop, caused an X-Windows pixmap error. This has been fixed. 6.0
1333 GLX - OpenGL/X Driver The software font quality for small characters was very poor. This was due to missing pixels at the end of polylines which have now been added. 5.5b
1304 WOGL - Windows OpenGL Driver The facet colour was not always updated when working in colour matching mode. This has been fixed. 5.5a
1308 Multiple shaded polylines with 'npts' > 5 were linked by a joining vector. This has been fixed so that the polylines are now distinct. 5.5a
1380 Hardware segments are not now removed after the creation of additional OpenGL graphics frames in a GINOMENU application. 6.0
1409 It was not possible to pass a bitmap handle through to woglao for use in RAD environments such as VB and .NET. This has been solved by creating background DIBSection bitmap onto which the OpenGL drawing is done. This is then refreshed at gFlushGraphics. 6.0
1301 MWIN - Microsoft Windows Driver Applications testing for resize events exhibited strange behaviour if "Show window contents while dragging" mode was enabled in the Display Properties. This has been solved by removing duplicate events in the GINO event queue. 6.0
1395 The routine gFlushGraphics(FLUSHG) did not work under Windows XP. Coding has been amended to ensure UpdateWindow message is processed. 6.0
1350 GUIWIN - GINOMENU Windows GUI Driver The function gEnqKeyState indicated that a key is pressed in call to the function immediately after key was released. The delayed response has been corrected. 5.5b
1400 PNG - Portable Network Graphics Driver The access violation caused when creating large Png files (height > 1280 pixels) has been fixed. 6.0
1274 GINO Library The definition of normals at the edges of Bezier surface has been modified to be perpendicular to control point data rather than the edge facet. This gives correct lighting effects when joining such surfaces. 5.5a
1297 The gVVec optional argument in the definition of GINO objects did not always produce the desired effect. This has been fixed. 5.5a
1299 GINO error 27 - Attempt to position segment anchor outside device limits, has been removed as it has no significance on modern hardware. 6.0
1326 A crash occurred under some GINO implementations (Lahey) when closing the GINO library after using internal point storage. The incorrect access to the internal allocated array has been fixed. 5.5a
1356 Error message 135 could be generated when drawing small polygons on 3D devices. This was due to an incorrect concave/convex test where the polygon contained less than 3 vertices. This has been fixed. 5.5b
1369 Compilation errors occurring when IMPLICIT NONE was used with the GINO and GINOMENU F90 modules have been eliminated. 5.5c
1372 The F90 argument names in the GINO, GINOGRAF and GINOSURF libraries have been made to agree with the documentation, so the argument=value syntax can be used for obligatory arguments, as well as optionals. 5.5c
1376 3D objects were generated/displayed incorrectly when picture transformation mode was being used. This has been corrected. 5.5c
1382 A problem existed with 3D objects created with both a X and Z orientation angle. This has been corrected. 6.0
1397 A crash occurred displaying a 3D polygon with greater than 1024 vertices using the Wogl driver with the Salford FTN95 implementation of GINO. An internal array has been increased in size to cater for the full documented 2048 vertices. 6.0
1315 GINOSURF Requests to change colour within a surface polylines did not get activated until new line segment was started. This has been fixed. 5.5a
1323 Problems with the range and annotation of the contour key box have been fixed. The actual data limits of the plot are now always used, unless the new optional argument to gsSetContourKeyPos is used to round the limits outwards. 6.0
1337 The current character attributes were not correctly reset after a contouring routine. This has been fixed. 5.5b
1383 The problem with missing contour annotation on filled triangulated contour maps, where user specified contour heights have been specified, has been fixed. 6.0
1387 A problem existed where random data point information (gsSetRandomPointerMarker/RANPTS) was lost after switching the display off, unless the grid was re-generated. The information is now retained to allow switching the display on and off as required. 6.0
1390 A problem with the display of perspective axes using gsSetPerspProjection(PERSET) when ZLOW was not rounded has been fixed. 6.0
1403 A polyline cross-section with only two points sometimes ignored the axes scaling setting set by gsSetContourMapFrameScale(CONSCA). This has been fixed. 6.0
1298 GINOMENU for Windows The gmStatus property did not work for menu entries when using gmSetWidgetProp. This has been fixed. 5.5a
1300 Icon buttons without callbacks had their icon greyed out, but not their label. This has been fixed. 5.5a
1302 Some applications caused all windows to be refreshed when master is resized. This has been fixed. 5.5a
1303 The gmDisplayState values were not translated correctly when using the gmEnq/SetWidgetProp routines. This has been corrected. 5.5a
1305 It was not possible to TAB into a multi-line RTF text widget. This is now possible, although it is not possible to TAB out of such a widget as the TAB is a valid input character. 5.5a
1306 Using error/message boxes in conjunction wit timer callbacks could cause crash. This has been fixed. 5.5a
1310 Using gmSetWidgetProp to set the gmYText property of a text/value array set the wrong axis labels. This has been fixed. 5.5a
1314 A crash during initialisation where no system printer exists has been eliminated. 5.5a
1316 The action of setting a tabbed dialogue box panel to GSELECTABLE sometimes had undesirable effects on preceding panels making them selectable as well. This anomaly has been fixed. 5.5b
1320 A crash could occur when attempting a copy/cut clipboard operation using the right mouse when the clipboard is empty. The contents are now checked before such requests. 5.5a
1321 Character codes > 128 were not being pasted into single array cells from clipboard. This has been corrected. 5.5a
1322 The limit of 80 characters in the string argument to gmSetListEntry has been eliminated. 5.5a
1324 Enquiring the contents of a grid cell (using gmEnqCellSetting) whilst it was being edited returned the previous cell contents. The act of doing the enquiry now updates the stored value with the current visible setting. 5.5b
1331 The action state returned after a select callback on a graphics frame was missing the key code making it impossible to detect which key or mouse button was used to generate the event. The key code is now included in the GACTION structure. 5.5a
1334 Multi-line text entries with horizontal scroll bars were incorrectly wrapping their contents. Wrapping now only occurs after page setup attributes have been defined. 5.5b
1338 The File Browser returned an incorrect file name where the supplied filter extension contained a '*' wildcard character. The correct filename and extension are now returned. 5.5b
1339 The permitted range for graphics frame limits has been revised to allow for ranges less than 0.01 units. 5.5b
1341 Applications containing both GDI and OpenGL graphics frames failed to draw to GDI frame if created second. This has been fixed. 5.5b
1342 An attempt to add the keycode to callbacks on graphics frame introduced at 5.5a (PUR 1331) caused the general callback (mouse button release) to fail altogether. This has been fixed. 5.5b
1343 Problems using cursor types and rubber band actions on 3D graphics frames affecting subsequent drawing on GDI graphics frames have been fixed. 5.5b
1346 A change callback is now generated for each modification in an RTF text widget, including mouse cut/paste operations. 6.0
1347 The cell location information in GACTION%iargs now gives the correct information on an array grid general callback. 5.5b
1348 Using the routine gmSetCellAttribs on an active cell no longer removes the focus on that cell. 5.5b
1352 The routine gmSetScrollPos now works on multi-line text entries. 5.5b
1355 Text and value arrays now respond to changes on font face as set by gmSetFontAttribs. The font face applies to column and row labels as well as cell contents. 5.5b
1357 Problems updating the menubar when initially adding child MDI child windows have been solved, although a call to gmDrawWindow is also required in some circumstances 5.5b
1358 The page break code \page was sometimes printed. This has been fixed 5.5b
1359 The problem whereby the contents of the active cell was copied to (and overwrote) the first cell of a column or row when the appropriate header was selected has been fixed. 5.5b
1360 Strings of unlimited length may now be used in gmDisplayErrorBox, gmDisplayInfoBox and gmDisplayMessageBox. 6.0
1361 Bubble help strings of unlimited length may now be attached to widgets through the optional argument gmHelp. 6.0
1362 The problem with cutting and pasting array grid cell contents with a timer callback active has been fixed. 6.0
1367 Font attributes (except colour) can now be set for panel titles and tabbed dialogued box tabs. 6.0
1368 The background of a tabbed dialogue box has been modified to match the colour of its parent. This had been a problem if the parent colour was not grey. 5.5c
1373 Table box column numbers now start from 1 (as documented). 6.0
1375 A special use of gmSetTrackingPos with arguments -1,-1 prior to the display of common dialogue boxes will ensure that they appear centrally on the screen irrespective of screen resolution. 6.0
1384 The routine gmDrawWindow(WINDRA) now takes account of the current window state (Normal, Minimized or Maximized) when realigning its children. 6.0
1388 Setting an array grid cell to be active (using gmSetActiveCell) no longer sets its contents to zero. 6.0
1389 Mouse sensitive icons now display correctly in their 'selected' state. 6.0
1391 The Colour Control dialogue (gmColourControl) was not initialized with the colour value passed to it. This had the effect of failing to set up the 'custom colour' window correctly. This has been fixed. 6.0
1393 The restriction of setting an editable combo box by program control to only one of its entries has been removed. The routine gmSetTextSetting may be used to set the entry box to any string. 6.0
1396 Within array grids, moving from editable cell to display only cell and back to editable cell, could update the contents of the display only cell. This has been fixed. 6.0
1398 Widget hot-keys failed to operate in nested panels. This has been fixed. 6.0
1401 Double precision values being passed to the routine gmSetValueSetting were being truncated to single precision despite the F90 generic interface. This has been fixed. 6.0
1405 A problem with editing an active cell within a text/value array has been fixed. 6.0
1309 GINOMENU for X The icon id variables for the routine gmDisplayMessageBox were missing from the Fortran 90 interface. These have been included. 3.2b
1344 The maximum capacity of multi-line text entries was incorrectly limited to 255 characters. This has been extended to the documented 32767 characters. The size of the label element to the GWIDGET structure has been expanded accordingly. 3.2c
1353 The routine gmClearGraphicsFrame now saves and restores the current GINO drawing state. 3.2c
1354 The routine gmEnqListStatus now returns the correct information for 'nselect' and 'first' when used on a combo box. Previously both these arguments returned zero. 3.2c
1311 GINOMENU Studio Studio now allows user to delete all entries in a menu bar, removing bar completely from a form. 3.0a
1312 The form background colour now shows up correctly in design mode 3.0a
1313 Problems after selecting widget(s) using the rubber band have been corrected. A) Current widget is deactivated, b) attributes of single widget are handled correctly and c) group is maintained after paste operation 3.0a
1317 Attempting to select a large icon from the Change Icon Dialogue window did not bring up selection window. This has been fixed. 3.0a
1318 Attempting to change the title of a floating tool bar failed to work. The form is now redrawn updating the title correctly. 3.0a
1325 A "compile process failed" message was displayed when using Studio with the Absoft compiler. The syntax of the compile script has been corrected. 3.0a
1327 The compilation phase of project building went into an endless loop if more than two source files had been added to the project. This has been fixed. 3.0a
1328 Adding a large number of external files to the project settings dialogue proved difficult due to inability to access browser button when list box continued a scroll bar. The button position is now dependent on the number of files in the list. 3.0b
1329 Use of TAB and '|' characters has been restored in the Code Editor. These were previously converted through incorrect use of GINOMENU text entry special characters '^' and '~'. 3.0c
1330 Using more than one menu separator required multiple variables whereas only one was declared. All menu separators now use a single common identifier. 3.0a
1332 Recreating a form after changing its background colour lost the colour change whilst running Studio. The generated code was correct though. The (re)display of the form has been fixed. 3.0b
1336 The Quit (X) button on the Text Entry dialogue window is now handled correctly preventing a Studio hang when used. 3.0b
1340 Utilizing new optional argument names in generated code caused X window projects to fail to link with GINOMENU-X libraries. This has been fixed. 3.0b
1345 Illegal F90 code could be produced depending on the length of initial string for static and editable text entries. The code generation has been modified to prevent this happening. 3.0b
1349 Edit menu operations in Code Editor Window failed to be applied when using 'Apply and Exit' to close the window. All changes are now applied using this and the OK button. (See PUR 1346) 3.0b
1351 The crash selecting status bar widget names in code editor has been fixed. 3.0b
1363 Whilst a multi-line text widget can accept a field width of greater than 32768, setting such a value caused Studio to crash when reloading the project. Larger values are now handled correctly. 3.0c
1364 The handling of cell dimensions of array grids within old grid mode projects was incorrect. Cell width and height are now rounded down to the nearest grid cell instead of consistently being reset to 1. 3.0c
1365 The text or value entry border type attribute was missing from the generated code. This is now included. 3.0c
1366 The current form is made active after deleting a status bar preventing a subsequent crash of Studio. 3.0c
1370 A problem with selecting tabbed dialogue box panels using their tabs has been fixed. 3.0c
1371 The F90 code generation procedure has been re-written to ensure lines do not exceed 132 characters in length under any circumstances. 4.0
1374 Secondary forms could be displayed with incorrect height when running an application. This has been corrected. 3.0c
1378 The Match Case toggle on the Find and Replace dialogues in the Code Editor had no effect on searches. This has been fixed. 3.0c
1392 An unrequested shift of an object took place when operating in grid mode and pasting an object onto it. This has been fixed. 4.0
1394 As well as fixing a problem generating F90 code for mouse sensitive icons, Studio now automatically picks up any of the GINOMENU icon forms for greyscale and selected icons if they exist in the same directory as the key icon file. 4.0
1399 The problem whereby Studio went into an infinite loop when renaming the master window widget name has been eliminated. 4.0

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