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Organizations use Bradly Associates' consultancy services to provide solutions to a broad range of engineering problems including:

Read about how we have helped some of our customers:

  • SAS
  • Max Planck
  • Pedasoft
  • Ambit
  • Equity Engineering

Semiconductor Assessment Services

Semiconductor Assessment Services is the world's foremost provider of carrier concentration profiles in silicon, as measured using the Spreading Resistance Technique, commonly known as SRP or SRA. The company has a unique capability for profiling Ultra-Shallow layers for the next generation of device technologies and is often able to provide high resolution profiles on real devices without the need for special test sample preparation.
The software to calculate the profiles was originally written in Fortran-IV specifically for the HP9836 desktop computer using HP/Pascal proprietary graphics and output to a HP7475 pen plotter. The data was saved on 5.25" floppy disks!
When it became increasingly difficult to obtain new pens and floppies, let alone spares for the HP9836, it was decided it was time to upgrade! "We needed to ditch the old equipment pretty quickly and we wanted to bring the software into the 21st Century with better graphics and a better user-interface" said Dr. Pawlik, MD of SAS Ltd.

Bradly Associates updated the software to F90 and converted the graphics to GINO, using GINOMENU and GINOMENU Studio for the user-interface. "With the new interface and graphics interaction for selecting and modifying the data, I can now produce profiles for my customers in a fraction of the time that it used to take". "Together with the high-quality PDF files I can now send my customers instead of having to fax plotter output, the conversion has completely improved the way I work"

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Max-Planck-Institute of Colloids & Interfaces, Germany

F90 interfaces to motors and controllers

Much of the software developed with GINO at the Institute of Colloids, MPI involves interfacing with motors, controllers and measuring equipment. The PC card and drivers are always geared towards the C/C++ programmer, so F90-C interfaces are required to access the equipment from Fortan. Bradly Associates have been involved in writing interfaces for a FlashBus video framegrabber, various motor controllers and an Image Processing library enabling enhanced image handling from a GINO application.

Pedasoft LLC

Electromagnetic Modeling Solutions

EM-Core is a fast 3D Electromagnetic field solver software for planar-circuit and antenna Simulation. Bradly Associates were asked to build the complete GUI and graphics front-end on to the Fortran simulation software using all aspects of GINO including many different types of user-interaction and OpenGL for fast graphics viewing in real-time.
for further information on Pedasoft, visit Pedasoft LLC

Ambit Energy Corporation

Ambit Energy Corporation is an international oil and gas exploration and production company initially focusing on the Niger Delta Basin in Nigeria. Ambit approached Bradly with a large set of Fortran routines for producing cash-flow reports and Gas Material Balances which were written for the Lahey compiler and calling GKS graphics functions. They wanted to bring the software up to date by using the Intel compiler and GINO. The first task was to write a set of dummy GKS routines calling GINO to ensure that the graphics looked as it should do. We could then dispense with the GKS library, so now the code could be moved to Intel and Visual Studio 2008. Once this was all working, we set about enhancing the application to make calls on the GINO functions directly and to move away from the Fortran I/O to a fully-functional GUI using GINOMENU and GINOMENU Studio.

Equity Engineering Group Inc. Cleveland, USA

Visualizing Infrastructure Deficiencies

The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. is the recognized leader on aging infrastructure service and support for the oil refining and petrochemical industries. Its software tool for FFS assessments; VCESage, gives engineers and inspectors the ability to review and analyze both existing and new equipment for structural adequacy, code compliance and remaining life evaluations. The GINO graphics and GUI software is used extensively throughout the software modules assisting users with generating input data files and viewing output results.
Bradly Associates has been used on a number of occasions to assist in the development and improvement of VCESage including implementing 3D realtime animation and various 3D surface plotting facilities.
for further information on VCESage, visit Equity Engineering Inc.