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Large Hadron Collider (courtesy: cern)

Bradly Associates Ltd

Bradly Associates was established in 1973 as a reseller of the newly developed GINO-F graphics package from the CADCentre Cambridge. Reselling the software, initially on the DEC PDP-11 range of mini-computers followed by the VAX and ALPHA, the company quickly became established as an expert in cross-platform graphics development. In 1988 Bradly Associates bought the full development rights of GINO from the CADCentre increasing the product portfolio and making the graphics software available on an even wider range of platforms including the emerging workstations and personal computers. Bradly Associates' philosophy has always been to establish a good working relationship with its customers, working together to supply the right tools and expertise to achieve the customer's aims. As well as the developer and supplier of products, consultancy plays an important role with Bradly Associates' 50 man years of graphics experience being called upon for a variety of short-term and long-term contracts.


GINO's origins begin at Cambridge University, England in 1965 when Charles Lang and Peter Woodsford began developing a general purpose graphics software package written in the Systems Assembly Language (SAL) on an ATLAS2 computer. GINO (Graphical INput and Output) was designed as a 3D package right from the outset, thus removing any complexities of trying to add a 3rd dimension to a 2D graphics package later on, and along with the criteria of being machine and device-independent, has enabled it to grow and adapt in a variety of directions always keeping pace with new IT technologies. GINO was re-written in FORTRAN in 1972 and a C/C++ version has been available since 1995. It has been implemented on the smallest 8-bit micro computers right up to the largest 64-bit CRAY supercomputers, with many 16-bit and 32-bit machines in between. With the addition of the GUI products and Web-graphics technologies, GINO goes from strength to strength attracting a new and wide variety of customer all the time.